Grazing Board Ideas for Your Next Party

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Articles, Food

If you’re planning on entertaining and looking to create something with a bit of wow factor to feed your guests, look no further than a grazing board! 

The grazing board trend originally started in Australia and quickly caught on in the UK thanks to its fuss free preparation and impressive aesthetics. More than a cheese board and not quite a charcuterie either, the grazing board is a visual feast which brings together an abundance of flavours and encourages your guests to socialise with each other too.

Grazing boards are easy to put together, allowing you to do all the prep beforehand so you can focus on catching up with your guests. Minimal effort, maximum results and not a beige buffet in sight!

Follow our tips on building your own grazing board and win your title of hostess with the mostest at your next gathering!

Grazing Board Ideas
Grazing Board Ideas

Choose your base

You don’t need a dedicated cheese board to create a grazing board – use bread boards, marble chopping boards or even cake stands. Varying heights create a more impressive display and makes it easier for your guests to reach – no sleeves dipping in hummus here, thank you! Grazing boards are about being sociable, so position your table away from the wall to allow your guests to stand around and graze from all sides whilst chatting with each other.

Build it

Start by spacing out your main food items such as cheese and charcuterie meats evenly around the board. We suggest choosing around three different cheeses – camembert garnished with rosemary is a great option, it draws the eye, looks beautiful and is always a winner with guests. Roll or bundle your charcuterie meats into piles on the board then swirl or stack high vegetable crudites. We love adding in some colourful veggie bites too such as these from Chickp.

Don’t skip the dip

No platter is complete without a few delicious dips for dunking into. Choose some beautiful ramekins to keep them tidy, separate them from the other food items and dot them around the board. This makes the grazing board visually appealing (hello, new Instagram post), whilst also adding some colour. Choose different flavoured hummus in vibrant colours such as beetroot or carrot and ginger.

Mind the gaps

Grazing boards are all about abundance and overflowing delights so make sure you fill every centimetre of your grazing board. Once your main items are on start filling the gaps with nuts, seeds, pretzels and crackers. Sprigs of herbs hide smaller gaps and bring the whole board together when used to garnish throughout.

Add colour

When it comes to styling, grazing boards are about stunning aesthetics as much as they are taste. Bring the whole board alive with flashes of colour from radishes, grapes, peppers and figs. If you’re feeling really fancy, add some different coloured edible flowers to really elevate your board and win gasps of approval from your guests. 

Finally, just add good friends and good wine! You can shop the products mentioned here!